aXis by Circus Monoxide

Quiet Riot is working on The Construct, the first production from aXis by Circus Monoxide as Creative Producers and agents. aXis by Circus Monoxide will engage professional circus artists to make intelligent, emotionally laden, poignant and powerful works with a view to touring nationally and internationally.

The Construct development took place in between lockdowns and in direct response to experience of artists facing Covid restrictions. Two works were seeded in the development: 

The Construct - Extrovert

A 35 min outdoor work that is ready for touring. 

The Construct - Introvert 

A 75 min work for indoor main stages slated for further development in 2022.

Zebastian Hunter, Artistic Director aXis by Circus Monoxide, explains: 

"An axis is an imaginary line about which a body rotates. The human body is central to our work and we search for meaning through the concepts that turn around it.  aXis flips perspectives on fundamental issues confronting the human experience.  Our intelligent and abstract works explore socio-political issues and drive from a belief in circus with purpose.  Circus is at the core of our practice, anchoring our performance style and content, though we also turn around other forms and collaborate in the spaces of theatre, dance, magic, puppetry, opera and live music. A driving force behind our work is empowerment through engagement with both audiences and artists from diverse communities.  Whether based on gender parity and non-conformity, disability, LGBTQI+, age, First Nations and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds. We seek to explore the stories and give voice to the marginalised."