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One Suitcase Four Stories

Linda Catalano invites audiences to be family for one night - to sit around the table together in the kitchen, to hear and share in stories that her Nonna told her, just as she did when she was little. 

As the audience breaks bread together, and shares glass of wine or two, every day kitchen objects are transformed and heartwarming stories of love and immigration, accompanied by live music from Ennio Pozzebon, spill over from the kitchen bench and into your imagination. 

"One Suitcase: Four Stories is full of heart-warming stories of love and belly-warming Italian food." — Theatre Press


"A small and simple show, perhaps, but one that upsets your

expectations, pulls you close to its stories and packs an emotional punch." — Stage Whispers


Duration: 120 mins including interval and a 3 course meal and wine

Developed supported by: 

Barking Spider Theatre, The City of Darebin for the Darebin Home Made Food and Wine Festival (2015) and The Store Room Theatre (2001)

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