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Women of Soul is Australia’s premier collective of soulful artists curated and led by Artistic Director, Vocalist, Broadcaster and DJ Chelsea Wilson (House of Valerie Joan) and produced by Creative Producer Linda Catalano (Quiet RIOT). 

​The collective aims to empower women in the music industry through facilitating collaborations including songwriting and recording and producing incredible live shows. Women of Soul also engages women behind the scenes in supporting roles including sound engineering, production, photography, lighting, producing and child care, overcoming barriers to women participating and thriving in the music industry. 

What began in 2011 as a collaboration between Randa Khamis (Perth), Chelsea Wilson (Melbourne) and Candice Monique (Adelaide) as a way to collaborate, share audiences and pool resources has grown exponentially over nearly a decade. 

The collective can present a number of different styles of shows including: 

A full high energy Revue

A more laid back unplugged style performance 

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